In view of current situation of novel coronavirus around the world, many countries have taken lockdown measures against the pandemic. Considering all participants’ health and also the better participation experience and communication quality, conference committees had made the difficult decision to convert meeting of this year to virtual conference. 2020 3rd International Conference on Geoinformatics and Data Analysis was held from April 15 to 17, 2020. The keynote speakers who also further explored this topic that is so significant for this field.

Prof. Salah Bourennane
-Opening remarks

Prof. Schahram Dustdar

-Edge Intelligence: The Convergence of
Humans, Things, and AI

Prof. Georg Gartner

-Location Based Services - Evolution and Research



Prof. Vit Vozenilek
-From Spatial Demographic Data Analysis
towards Population Atlases

Prof. Branislav Bajat
-A Data-Driven Framework for Spatio-
Temporal Modelling and Analysing Land
Use Changes in Urban Areas





Online Session 1
-Geographic Information System and Data Analysis
Online Session 2
-Mathematical Model and Algorithm Optimization

Online Session 3:
-Satellite Ground Communication and Software Engineering
Video Session 1
-Space Communication and Information System

Video Session 2
-Geographic Information System and Surveying Technology




Congratulations to the Best Presentation Award Winners!  These were carefully reviewed and selected from ICGDA2020 online paper presentations.

Online Session 1:
Harbil Arregui, Vicomtech , Spain (A011)
Data-driven Representation Model of Urban Movement Space

Video Session 1:
Yao Li, National University of Defense Technology, China (A029)

Fishing Techniques Classification Based on Beidou Trajectories and Machine Learning

Video Session 2:
Nan Yu Chen, National University of Defense Technology, China (A030)
Linear Symbol Plotting Algorithm Based on Centripetal Catmull-Rom Spline